Understanding Emotions - Timothy Kowalski

Understanding Emotions

By Timothy Kowalski

  • Release Date: 2013-06-01
  • Genre: Education


This book is designed to help adults with social difficulties navigate the social world – something many of us take for granted. These are skills that are never formally taught. Unfortunately for some individuals these skills don’t come as naturally as they do for others. For social skills to be effective, it is critical that an individual not only read emotions correctly, but he must express them to others correctly. Difficulties in either area will likely create negative consequences in social effectiveness. Inside this book you will have a variety of activities designed to help you understand the complex world of emotions. From knowing what emotions, are, how they feel in you, how they appear in others, and how you show them to others, you will have a better understanding of this abstract part of socialization. Understanding Emotions: A Guide for Adults uses structured tasks to help create a more concrete understanding of an extremely difficult concept – social awareness.