Morocco - S.L. Bensusan


By S.L. Bensusan

  • Release Date: 2016-06-19
  • Genre: Africa


With over 70 detailed illustrations and over 200 pages of detail, this is a fascinating book about Morocco.
Morocco is an interesting travel log of the most developed regions of the country during the turn of the century. But interesting, when one sees the parallels in terms of time and space, Bensusan spoke of the modernization of this part of North Africa from transportation to communication, And as one observes and travels to the country, what he wrote continues to develop as it grips with preserving its past. He says it best, “Surely a simple tale of Sunset Land never seen in such splendid guise before, and will not be seen again, with past redeemed and forgotten, future assured, and civilization modernized, Morocco ceases to be what it is”.