Hebrew Binyanim Made Easy, the missing link - Ruti Yudovich

Hebrew Binyanim Made Easy, the missing link

By Ruti Yudovich

  • Release Date: 2015-12-04
  • Genre: Foreign Languages


Before you completely confuse yourself with Hebrew verb structures and conjugations, you will do yourself a great favor if you review this textbook thoroughly and use it as your reference guide. Is it possible to make studying Hebrew grammar easier? Yes it is—with Hebrew Binyanim Made Easy. This book provides basic explanations that makes grasping Hebrew verb structures a joy. I used this creative method with raving success for over 35 years. Students with experience in Hebrew grammar were more than relieved to admit that they FINALLY get it. Israelis who struggled throughout their school years lit up when they used this book. Do yourself a favor. Get This book! Hebrew Binyanim made easy is extremely valuable to those who are about to embark on studying Hebrew grammar.

This book is for those who already studied some Hebrew. They are able to construct sentences; are familiar with Hebrew tenses of basic verbs and are ready to take the next step up. Hebrew Binyamin Made Easy is a precursor to verb tables.

The PURPOSE of this book is NOT to teach you the whole Hebrew verb conjugations, but to give you the FOUNDATION and a thorough understanding of the ROOTS, the characters of the BINYANIM, their general sound and look, and how the same root changes its meaning depending on which Binyan it is found in. Having these tools will give you conceptual understanding of the basics of Hebrew verbs, and when you get good at it, you won't even need to use a dictionary to find the meaning of a verb.