Destiny Betrayed - James DiEugenio

Destiny Betrayed

By James DiEugenio

  • Release Date: 2012-11-26
  • Genre: Political Science


This revised second edition uses the most current information available to offer new details about JFK’s murder and Jim Garrison’s investigation.
Originally published in 1992, Destiny Betrayed focused on New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison’s investigation into JFK’s murder. In this revised second edition, James DiEugenio puts greater focuses on the assassination itself while shedding new light on Garrison’s investigation.
Using the declassification process of the Assassination Records Review Board, DiEugenio has found the most current information on subjects including Clay Shaw and the Garrison investigation; US-Cuban policy from 1957 to 1963; the newly exposed mistaken beliefs of the Warren Commission; Kennedy’s challenge to the Cold War consensus in 1961 and where he came up with that challenge, and more. Looking at the politics of Kennedy’s America, along with the New Orleans aspects of the Kennedy murder investigation, and the Garrison inquiry, Destiny Betrayed uses new data to strengthen Garrison’s case.