Surviving Your Child's Adolescence - Carl Pickhardt

Surviving Your Child's Adolescence

By Carl Pickhardt

  • Release Date: 2013-01-14
  • Genre: Parenting


Expert suggestions for guiding your child through the rough teenage years
Does it sometimes seem like your teenager is trying to push you over the edge? Learn what your child is going through and what you can do to help your teen navigate this difficult period in this practical guide from psychologist and parenting expert Carl Pickhardt. In an easy-to-read style, Dr. Pickhardt describes a 4-stage model of adolescent growth to help parents anticipate common developmental changes in their daughter or son from late elementary school through the college age years.
Provides unique advice for dealing with arguing, chores, the messy room, homework, and many other issues Offers best practices for teaching effective communication, constructive conflict, and responsible decision-making Includes ideas for protecting kids against the dangers of the Internet, bullying, dating, sexual involvement, and substance use
An essential road map for parents looking to guide their children on the path to adulthood.