The Italian's Wedding Ultimatum - Ayumu Asou & Kim Lawrence

The Italian's Wedding Ultimatum

By Ayumu Asou & Kim Lawrence

  • Release Date: 2009-06-21
  • Genre: Women


Samantha meets Alessandro, the brother of the bride of Samantha's old friend—a friend whom she still has feelings for. Initially, Samantha dislikes Alessandro, who has exhibited hostility toward her since their first meeting at the wedding. However, one day he forcibly steals a kiss from her. His ulterior motive is to protect his sister from Samantha—he has discovered Samantha's feelings for his sister's husband, and so he plans to seduce her for himself! Samantha soon realizes that she loves Alessandro, despite his cold black eyes that imprison and disturb her heart. Even though she knows that his seducing her doesn't stem from love, she can't control her feelings toward him….